There are plethora of things that bring great pleasure to our lives,  and Boo recognizeses food is a key ingredient in the recipe of life. Que Sera Sera was established on July 14, 1989, by Boo Noble and has been running stong since!

 During construction, I was reminded by several patrons the building had previously housed six restaurants and my chances for success might be slim. Hince the name, Que Sera Sera, “whatever will be, will be.”  With hopes of earning enough money to graduate college and enter medical school, I took a second job as a Disc Jockey spinning records. The place was the original Melivs Bar on Conti Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, the year was 1972. As fate would have it, one of the bartenders didn’t show for their shift and I was asked to play taped music and fill in as a bartender… Remind you, at this point I didn’t even know how to make a scotch and water. However, through bartending at night and training during the daytime, I slowly fell in love with the food and beverage business. I trained each day with a man named Frank Cabibi, who was a thirty-two year career bartender. Frank was very thorough and precise with a great pinch of humor. He graciously took me under his wing as a protege and taught me the ins and outs of the bar business. Frank loved the mental challenge of the job, which requires speed and precision, not to mention a great memory and personality. I worked my way up to Management, but was still hungry for more. Eventually, I began working as a bartender at the PlayBoy Club where Frank had worked for 25 years. The job required the utmost professionalism and I relished it. Of course, the scenery wasn’t too bad either! My next job was with Ralph & Kacoo’s in New Orleans, where I was introducted to the food business. Bull’s Corner, Cafe Banquette, Mr. B’s, The Fish Market, Jasper’s, Commander’s Palace, The Pepper Mill, and Walley’s Hot Springs Resort in Lake Tahoe are some of the restaurants that I have been associated with. At the age of thirty, I was fortunate enought to go into business for myself, and by the grace of God we have remained here every since. My experiences in Jackson have included: The Lighthouse, Café Creole, Café LeChef, Que Sera Sera, and Déjà Vu.  On occasion I tell people the story about my mother’s awful cooking. She was such a bad cook that one night after she had prepared dinner, Betty Crocker rode by her house and threw a brick through her kitchen window. There are several different things that bring great pleasure to our lives and I recognized that food is one of them. Knowledge without work is useless! I have to thank my staff who have and continue to do the work, and thus responsible for our success. They have had the daunting responsibility of serving hundreds of customers each day, not knowing how many would come in, what they would order, all the while maintaining the highest of standards, allowing us to remain here for the last twenty years, “Que Sera Sera.”  From the time you enter the doors, we consider it our responsibility to assure prompt and friendly customer service, allowing partons to enjoy their experience to the fullest. Customers want value for their money; anything less is a would be a disappointment,and anything more simply adds great pleasure. Thank you for your continued business!   Sincerely,   Boo Noble

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